Papers and Publications

Complex Descriptive Representation: Disproportionality and the Professional Backgrounds of Australian Politicians

WORKING PAPER, comments welcome.

Comparative Exceptionalism? Strategy and Ideology in the High Court of Australia.

With Tonja Jacobi and Zoë Robinson. American Journal of Comparative Law. (Forthcoming).

Personal or Political Patronage? Judicial Appointments and Justice Loyalty in the High Court of Australia.

With Zoë Robinson and Russell Smyth. Australian Journal of Political Science. pp. 1-19.

Speaker Time in an Adversarial System.

With Keith Dowding and Marija Taflaga in Bäck, H., Fernandes, J. and Debus, M. (eds.) The Politics of Legislative Debate. Oxford University Press, pp. 130-151.

Judicial Ideology in the Absence of Rights: Evidence from Australia.

With Zoë Robinson and Jill Sheppard. Journal of Law and Courts, pp. 1-35.

The Ordering of Gambling Severity and Harm Scales: A Cautionary Tale.

With Kate Sollis, Marisa Paterson and Nick Biddle. Journal of Gambling Issues, 48, pp. 1-19.

Querying the Gender Dynamics of Interruptions at Australian Oral Argument.

With Tonja Jacobi and Zoë Robinson. UNSW Law Review Forum, pp. 1-19.

Exploring the Prevalence of Gambling Harm Among Active-Duty Military Personnel: A Systematic Scoping Review.

With Marisa Paterson and Megan Whitty Journal of Gambling Studies, pp. 1-21.

2019 ACT Gambling Survey.

With Marisa Paterson and Matt Taylor

Review of the Northern Territory Code of Practice for Responsible Gambling.

With Marisa Paterson, Matt Gray, Megan Whitty, Anna Lethborg and Scott Pennay

Could Rainfall Have Swung the Result of the Brexit Referendum?

With Baris Arı. Political Geography, 65, pp. 134-142.

Ideology, Grandstanding, and Strategic Party Disloyalty in the British Parliament.

With Jon Slapin, Justin Kirkland, Joseph Lazzaro and Tom O’Grady. American Political Science Review, 112:1, pp. 15-30.